Wild Venison Meat Selection Box - Small

The Deer Box is a fantastic way to get healthy wild venison as we always put more in the box than the value of the box. We mix up the species and make the boxes seasonal and with every pack there will be a choice of recipes to use. We guarantee that you will never get bored of whats in the boxes and we even recon you will replace most of your beef, lamb and pork with venison as its so delicious and healthy. We also manage an area of ground with wild boar so there will be the odd time when we sneak a bit of wild boar in there!!!!

All the cuts and products are packed for everyday cooking from sausages to mince, burgers to steaks. We put the odd roasting joint in, diced is fantastic for pies, goulash and makes wicked kebabs and as we have said we will be providing recipes and ideas to keep the variety coming.

A Typical £60 Box will hold……..

1 x 550g pack (aprox) of diced premium venison £7.50

1 x 500g pack of premium mince 500g per pack £ 5.50

1 x Pack 8 sausages (Cumberland mix 75% Venison / 25% Pork) approx 550g £6.50

1 x Pack of 4 Burgers (Gluten Free - 80% Venison / 20% Dry aged beef) approx 700g £10.50

2 x Packs Venison pave steaks (2-4 steaks per pack) approx pack size 350-550g £22.00

1 x Pack of Loin steaks or Chops (1-2 Pieces per pack) approx pack size 400-500g £15.00

Total value of box £67.00 (often a little more)

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