50g Your Earl Grey Tea Powder / Earl Grey Matcha

50g Caddy Your Earl Grey Tea Powder / Earl Grey Matcha (Sizes from 50g to 1 kg) - rich, creamy and citrusy

• Ingredients: Black Tea and Bergamot. Nothing else added.
• Healthy and nutritious: Minimally processed, this powder allows you to consume the whole tea leaf and 100% of the nutritional benefits in the tea leaf.
• Tasting notes: rich, creamy and citrusy
• No brewing needed: Just add water or milk and stir until tea is dissolved. Enjoy this tea as a hot beverage or milk tea with or without sweetener. Pour over ice for an iced tea.
• Add to your favourite ice cream or dessert recipe. Sprinkle on your favourite pastry or cake topping. Create amazing Earl Grey tea lattes, delicious ice creams, cakes or your own amazing creations.

Earl Grey Tea Powder (Black Tea with Bergamot) is perfect for your beverages and in your favourite recipes. Why not drink or eat the entirety of your tea leaf? Marulin's Your Earl Grey Tea Powder makes a delicious treat for any occasion. Like our Your Earl Grey tea but richer and in powder format for lattes and culinary applications.


Use this unique, tasty Earl Grey tea powder in your drinks and favourite recipes for all the nutrients contained in tea leaves themselves. Ground to a fine-powder, this versatile ingredient can be used in many ways.

As a hot drink: Dissolve 1-2g tea powder in 300ml hot water. Add sweeter (if desired).
As a milk tea: Dissolve 1-2g tea powder in 250ml hot water. Let tea cool. Combine 50ml ice, 4 teaspoons condensed milk and 3 teaspoons of honey (optional) in a shaker and mix well.

As a latte: Dissolve 1-2g tea powder in 10-20ml of hot water. Slowly add 250ml of warm or hot milk or milk alternative to the water mixture. If using a milk frother, froth milk with water mixture. Add sweetener (if desired). Sprinkle tea powder or chocolate powder on top. To make an iced teachino, add 20ml ice to the mixture.

As a cold drink: Dissolve 1-2g tea powder in 10-20ml of warm water. Add about 280ml of water and ice. Add sweetener and a dash of milk or milk substitute (if desired).

In food: Sprinkle a bit into your ice cream, or stir into your favourite recipe of pancakes, ice cream, and cookies. Whip some Your Earl Grey tea powder into your next frosting or cake.

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• 50g caddy/tin
• 120g pouch
• 500g pouch
• 1000g pouch
• Bulk purchases available. Please inquire

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Dietary Information:
Pesticide Free
Sustainably Sourced
Locally Grown
Nut Free
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Alcohol Free
Lactose Free
Egg Free
FSA approved : Yes
Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS): No

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