Sunnyfields Runny Honey, 255g Jar

Hi, I'm Stacy the owner and head beekeeper at Sunnyfields Honey & Home. I produce (with the help of the bees) honey that is batch jarred from a single apiary and if possible a single hive, this means that the taste is unique to that batch and retains the beautiful flavours that the bees created through their different selection of nectar sources.

I’ve converted many people who claimed not to like honey as they had only tasted supermarket honey which has been mixed in bulk from multiple countries and then heated to keep it shelf stable but in doing so also removes all the natural goodness and intricate flavours that you get from “real” honey.

I currently have around 2 million bees across North Essex in my employment! All of who’s welfare comes first with only the excess honey and old wax taken from them for sale.

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