Single Estate Bars - Solomon Islands 69% (2 Pack)

Firetree Rich Volcanic Chocolate - super premium chocolate bars, crafted using cocoa sourced from volcanic islands.

The long finish and lingering taste of this chocolate is due to the firetree, or cocoa tree, which thrives on the uniquely rich, porous soils of the South Seas' remote volcanic islands.

Firetree's superior beans yield a distinct depth and complexity.

Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 69% Cocoa.

Grown on a family farm, the unique qualities of our cocoa beans are protected from the sun by the shade of coconut trees. The harvesting, de-podding and fermentation are undertaken by the extended family, whose care and skill assures a rare and exquisite chocolate experience.

Tasting Notes: Red fruits, citrus and plum, with enduring cocoa undertones. To enjoy fully, take time to let the flavours develop on the palate.

2 x 65g bars. Vegan. Allergen free. Kosher. Halal.

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